The Differences Between Abe’s Limousine and Uber

The Difference Between Abe’s Limousine and Uber

We match Uber rates for luxury sedans and SUVs with an ADDITIONAL 10% discount!

If you’re delayed Uber costs will skyrocket

Uber will not wait for you – We ALWAYS wait for you and will stay in touch with you until YOU are ready to go

Our cares are luxurious, beautiful and new.
Uber cars often smell bad and look worse.
So what kind of impression do you want for yourself and your family?

Uber drivers undergo a basic third party background check
Third party checkers are 43 times more likely to miss criminality.
A driver with a criminal background can simply submit a false
social security and driver’s license number and wind up driving

Uber and Lyft drivers practice ‘surge’ and ‘primetime’ pricing
during high volume periods which sometimes doubles or even
triple your bill.