What Sets Us Apart from the rest

We price match Uber rates for Lux and Luxury SUV with an additional 10% discount!


Do you think that an Uber driver will wait for you an extra few minutes if you are late? Let’s face it: there are always delays, they are expected, especially when arriving from the airport, or leaving a business meeting, so you need to know you can rely on your service. Your limo driver will remain outside until you arrive and will always keep in touch with you.


Right, you can never have enough of them. Abe’s Limousine offers so many amenities to its customers, including advanced reservations, concierge services, easy online booking, door to door service. And there are more, of course, but you need to find them yourself.

Upfront rates

You can find out the final fee when your ride is over (with Uber) or you can have upfront rates for your relief (delivered by limo services). Of course, Uber is advertised as the budget option, but if you need a car for longer than 15-20 minutes, you are looking at a very costly ride.

Professional Image

Consider your personal car or the car of your employees; is it full of trash from a week ago? Does the upholstery smell like cigarette smoke or worse? If you’re picking up an important client or guest from the Airport what kind of impression will that make? If your car is dented or doesn’t start on occasion, what will that mean when you’re late for a meeting? Having a Abe’s Limousine service means that you’ll get everywhere you need to be on time and in style.


After a long flight or on the way to a stressful meeting, having a clean, comfortable car waiting for you can help make a difference. Not only will you feel more at ease, but if you’re not driving, you’ll have a few extra minutes to get in some additional preparation or even a power nap.


Hiring an Abe’s Limousine Service makes your life more convenient. Need to continue making slides while you’re running from place to place? Or do you want to be able to answer emails on the go? A car service means you can get to your destinations without stopping what you’re doing.

Safe Chauffeurs

Comprehensive background checks
Random drug and alcohol screening
Regular driver evaluation
Annual defensive driver training and certification


If you have a visiting client who wants to explore or can’t take time off to pick someone up from the airport, Abe’s Limousine Service is at your disposal. Not only will they be well versed in local routes and places of interest, but they’ll be able to get you from point A to point B on time and hassle free.

A Professional, Safer Transportation Experience

Uber drivers undergo a basic background check, with additional requirements for Uber X, Uber Taxi and Uber Black drivers. However, these checks are all are third-party background checks, not governmentexecuted nor anchored by fingerprints like the checks required for taxicab and livery drivers. Third-party checks are 43 times more likely to miss criminality. These precautions disqualify thousands of potential Uber drivers a year, which makes you wonder how many unsafe drivers slip in under the radar, or how many Uber drivers have legal or driving records that are older than the three- to seven-year windows for Uber’s background checks.

A driver with a criminal background can simply submit his cousin’s Social Security and driver’s license numbers to Uber. And a “safe” Uber cabbie, once he learns he’ll have to drive 65 hours a week to make ends meet, may let his criminally negligent cousin take the Uber phone and car to go drive some fares.


Surge pricing. “surge pricing” or “primetime” pricing is the practice of increasing the fair during high-volume periods with prices sometimes doubling or even tripling and making them effectively unaffordable.
Trip cancellations. This can lead to a schedule disruption for passengers, which can lead to missed flights, etc.

There are have some news articles that have called into question the safety of these services, like the shootings in Michigan by an Uber driver that killed six people.
At Least 103 Uber Drivers Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault or Abuse
Uber and Lyft Drivers Accused of More Than 120 Rapes and Sexual Assaults

The best of Abe’s Limousine Service has stepped up their game by creating and using back-end technologies that enable:

  • Limo ride reservation via apps, phone, email or website and payment through the app or a corporate summary payment.
  • The Abe’s Limousine driver to know when your plane is landing or if it is delayed.
  • Sending a message with the name and arrival time of the driver.